Which are the best natural products to make your own cleaning products?

Are you new to eco cleaning techniques and tips?

Can you save money using natural products and be healthier?

How to reduce waste, homemade cleaning products, toxin free, plastic free and save money.

In this Blog Post we visit a few recipes to make your own basic cleaning solutions.

As we all know supermarkets are an absolute ecological disaster zone. If you have ever been in to a cleaning product aisle, you will see row upon row of chemical laced cleaners in plastic bottles vying for your attention….it is an absolute ecological disaster and it doesn’t need to be this way.

We can easily scrap those single use plastic items either by refilling at an ethical store such as an Essential store, or any ethical store that offers refill services for products such as BioD etc. They are usually self service and only adds a few minutes onto a shopping trip, you can help be more sustainable instead of using single use plastics, which we cannot guarantee the council will actually recycle!!! They can’t be trusted AT ALL!!!!

Get your home perfectly clean with these delicious recipes 🙂 ok we wouldn’t advise you actually eat them, but they won’t kill you like most items in a supermarket aisle!!!

The following are made using simple easy to buy ingredients, which are not carcinogenic endocrine dsruptors, do not cause asthma, antibiotic resistance and a plethora of other health issues as do many of the supermarket bought chemical soup cleaning products, which are harmful to earth, with residues ending up in rivers, oceans and in fish, wildlife and can even evaporate and be part of the moisture we breathe.

Let’s change our ways today for a better more sustainable future without the wicked petro chemical industries.

Here are some non toxic alternative recipe ingredients, that you can buy from a local hardware store, supporting local stores, not large faceless corporations:

How can you clean using eco products? What eco products can you use?

Baking soda or bi carb of soda, will remove stains, dirt, grime from all appliances and most surfaces.
Castille soap body, laundry, floor cleaner, White vinegar removes stains, dirt, odour, mold, mildew, you can increase performance by adding lemon juice or scent with lemon/orange rind or essential oils. Whilst Lemon juice, a strong acid, kills bacteria and lifts stains, use Olive oil to polish furntiture, loosen grime and is excellent when used on stainless surfaces to give a sheen

All above are also anti bacterial and can be made to smell good.

Which essential oils can you use?

tea tree

Use in combination with salt granules….this creates the perfect scourer, making the above more powerful to remove dirt.

How can you create a lather?
Soap nuts or saponin, this foams up and removes dirt……you can then compost them after use, completely recyclable

Do you need to use plastic bottles?
No you can use metal sparay bottles or glass bottles to store all of your eco friendly mixtures to be even more eco friendly.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Recipes:

All purpose cleaner
Mix 50 50 vinegar to water plus essential oil

How to Use:
spray and wipe

Add lemon rind…..in mixture removes vinegar smell

Toilet Cleaner
White vinegar, bicarbonate of soda……plus essential oil

How to Use:
Add to ceramic toilet, leave, scrub.

Clothes Cleaner
Soap nuts

How to Use:
Place nuts in washing machine
leaves clothes clean

Windows and Mirrors
1 part white vinegar 4 parts water
How to Use:
Spray and wipe…..do it on a dull day as sunlight heats the glass and can cause smearing

Air Freshner
Water and essential oils, lavender oil (relaxing)
How to Use:
Spray into air and furniture or even on a pillow for restful sleep

Mold and Mildew
Spray bottle with white vinegar
How to Use:
Spray mold, leave and then scrub

White vinegar and juice of lemon
How to Use:
Add into a cup, turn on microwave for 2 mins, leave 1 min open door and then wipe.

Dish Cleaner/ Washing Up Liquid
Castille soap
How to Use:
Using an old soap dish add the castille soap 4 parts castille and 1 part water clean dishes, rinse.

Furniture polish
1/4 white vinegar
3/4 cup olive oil plus juice of lemon
How to Use:
Add to bottle, spray on furniture, use a lint free cloth to wipe and polish

Hard Floor cleaner
1/4 white vinegar hot water castille soap for foaming
How to Use:
Add to floor, mop and air dry

Carpet deoderixzer
Use a jar baking soda adding 10 drops of your chosen essential oil stir up
How to Use:
Shake powder onto floor, leave and then hoover

Oven cleaner – deep clean
Make paste from
1/4 cup baking soda
teaspoon salt
How to use:
Add salt and water to Baking Soda to get paste like consistency
cover insode of oven in paste, leave overnight, clean in the morning.

Chopping board sanitizer
Lemon, cut in half
How to Use:
Lemon cut in half rub over board and wipe.
For stubborn stains, squeeze lemon juice, leave and wipe later

Drain/Sink unblocking
Baking Soda
How to Use:
Pour into drain and later use hot water to flush.

Stain remover
1/4 cup white vinegar 1/4 cup soda
squeeze of castille soap
2 cups water
How to Use:
Spray it on, leave and scrub, run in washing machine.

There are so many different and effective items to clean your home, that are also eco friendly, they last longer, save you money, and do not damage your health or the environment.

Making Your Own Natural Cleaning Products
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