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Make Your Dream Home the Cleanest House on the Block

After spending months looking for the perfect house, buyers feel eager to move in as soon as possible. Even a new residence could use a generous scrub to ensure it’s move-in ready for your family. Dust and debris from the former tenants or construction could leave messes in various rooms. The right cleaning strategy revives the look and feel of a dream home to turn it into a sparkling home, so here are some tips from House Cleaning Bath to get you started.

Reduce Allergens

For starters, it’s a good idea to wear a mask while cleaning to protect you from allergens as well as chemicals. Those with allergies and upper respiratory issues must take extra steps to reduce allergens. Every room and surface throughout the home deserves a thorough dusting. To avoid spreading dust, you should dust from top to bottom. The Spruce notes that using microfiber cloths better ensures dust gets trapped rather than moved around.

New homeowners should also check their HVAC’s air filters. While the appliance may work, it could send streams of dust blowing through the vents when you turn on the air conditioner for the first time.

Improve Air Quality

Aside from changing dirty air filters, another way to improve a home’s air quality is checking the air ducts. These tight spaces collect dust and dander that come in through vents or dirty filters. Poorly installed ducts may also become susceptible to dust infiltration. Cleaning existing rugs and carpets also boosts indoor air quality. New homeowners can hire professionals to take care of the job, or they can handle it themselves.

For ongoing air quality maintenance, whole-house air purifiers offer a great solution. If you make improvements like this to your home, keep track of what you install and how much it costs. If you sell the house, your upgrades could also boost the property’s value.

Brighten Your Home

Regularly having your home’s windows cleaned is more than just an aesthetic choice—it’s a practical improvement that can significantly brighten your living space. Clean windows allow more natural light to penetrate into your home, enhancing the ambiance and making rooms appear more spacious and welcoming. This can also help in reducing the need for artificial lighting, which can save on energy costs.

For residents looking for reliable service, consider the work of House Cleaning Bath. They offer specialized residential window cleaning services that ensure your windows are spotless and streak-free, enhancing both the beauty and the value of your home. You can learn more about their services and book an appointment through their website at House Cleaning Bath.

Identify and Remove Hidden Pollutants

Homes have hidden pollutants that contaminate the air and compromise air quality, like carbon monoxide, lead, asbestos particles, mildew, and mold. Identifying what is harming your home is essential to using the right treatment to address it. Experienced professionals can help property owners find pollutants and resolve them.

Tend to Essential Cleaning Tasks

Before moving a single piece of furniture into a new home, you should prioritize vital cleaning tasks. For instance, Beauty Harmony Life recommends cleaning the bathroom to remove clogs and lingering bacteria. The previous owners likely used the space as they moved out, and they may not have cleaned it thoroughly

The kitchen is another space to scrub, especially because odors can become trapped on surfaces. The refrigerator interior deserves disinfecting, and the coils on the back of the appliance need dusting. Crumbs left in the corners of cabinets may lead to pest infestations.

Hallways, bedrooms, and living spaces usually need good sweeping and dusting. Homeowners must exercise caution with the products they use, as some chemicals may harm flat paint and wallpaper. Light fixtures and ceiling fans need extra attention to get rid of neglected dust.

It’s best to clean floors last. That way, you don’t have to worry about dirtying them while cleaning other spaces. Letting a professional handle the floors brings out the best in them, making them last longer. Carpets need extra close attention, as they can trap various pollutants in their fibers. There are also some additional steps you can take if you’re forced to vacuum a carpet while it’s still wet.

One note about cleaning: If you use cleaning products that could be poisonous to your children or pets, be sure to keep them locked in a cabinet or closet. This way, you’ll have peace of mind that nobody in your household will get a hold of something that could harm them.

New homes look open and welcome to possibilities. You deserve to know how to make the most of those possibilities by starting with the right cleaning strategy. By incorporating these tips, you’ll have a cleaner and healthier home and may even boost its value as well.

Make Your Dream Home the Cleanest House on the Block

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Here is a checklist of tasks that we perform during an after builders clean:

Wipe light fixtures, outlets, switches.
Wash walls, all rails, skirting boards, surfaces.
Clean windows in and out including gullies, frames, sills and tracks.
Wipe all doors, frames and door furniture.
Clean any air vent intakes thoroughly.
Sweep, vacuum and then mop the floor.
Environmentally dispose of rubbish, packaging, build materials.

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