We have 15 years experience in the carpet cleaning and carpet care industry, you can remove spots from your carpet easily, using ingredients you have around the house or purchase readily from your local hardware store.

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Remove dirt, mud, grease, tar, shoe polish, oil, food stains, makeup and if you’re really unlucky…..dog poop and pee stains!

Can I Clean Carpet Stains Myself?
Will Rubbing A Carpet Damage The Carpet?
How easily can I remove carpet stains?

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To pull out carpet spots you need foam in the carpet cleaner so it grabs onto dirt and then pulls it out later,


Trigger Spray Bottle,
Dish Soap,
Rubbing Alcohol 90%,
Old Dessert Spoon,
Small white clean towel or rag,
Small Wet and Dry Vac

Take a Bowl with a pouring spout,

Make solution:
1 cup warm tap water,
1/2 teaspoon dish soap,
Two Table spoons of rubbing alcohol

Pour into spray bottle,
Add Spray Trigger Cap,

Scale the recipe for a bigger mixture.

How to use the spot remover recipe mixture:

1) Spray onto the stain

2) Tamp into carpet using back of dessert spoon to avoid fraying carpet with any rubbing action.

3) Leave to soak 2 mins.

4) Vacuum up using wet and dry vacuum.

5) Repeat 1 – 3 if stain does not dissapear first time.

6) If stain is very stubborn pour on a very small amount of neat rubbing alcohol, but only if you have a wet dry vac to hand other wise the alcohol can damage the carpet backing.

7) Once spot is visibly removed, dab excess moisture using a clean white towel, dab don’t rub.


Don’t scrub the carpet damaging the fibres.
Don’t use too much soap in the recipe, even if tempted to.
Only add/pour a small amount of neat rubbing alcohol directly onto the stain if you have the wet dry vacuum.

“Secret” Carpet Stain Spot Removing Recipe.
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