Nobody likes a grubby bath. We’ve all been there, walking in to a bathroom only to find a thick scum after somebody has been soaking and not bothered to clean the bath, leaving a tide mark around the edge of the bath or something a whole lot worse to be discovered!
This guide aims to make cleaning the bath a much less demanding affair.

Like most things, there is more than one way to accomplish the task of cleaning a bath, which can also include purchasing the suitable cleaning products and equipment if you don’t have these immediately to hand. Alternatively the cleaning products could be sourced using everyday household goods that can be combined to create eco friendly cleaning products. As an example white vinegar can blast through limescale.

Homemade cleaning products are a far cheaper and eco friendly choice and an alternative to the more harsh chemical detergents etc that reside in supermarkets, thus reducing the risk of damaging your bathware and your health.

As an example one can make ones own bath cleaning solution by diluting equal parts of white wine vinegar with water and using an old plastic spray bottle. Spray onto the surface of your bath and wipe the dirt away. Where deeper cleaning is required, leave the cleaning solution for 15 minutes, then wipe away with a non abrasive cloth.

Bicarbonate of soda provides another effective way to clean that scummy bath. Additionally Bicarbonate can be used for unclogging the drains and getting rid of nasty pongy smells, as well as removing soap slime and mold that can build up around and behind bath taps.

Where you have more stubborn dirt, you can cover those areas with baking soda and then apply a vinegar water solution afterwards. Allow to bubble for 3 mins and scrub with a non abrasive scouring pad (usually white, check the packaging). Before rinsing clean.

To negate the requirement for hard cleaning, it is recommended to swill out the bath tub after each use.Rinsing is the easiest and most effective way to reduce the overall time required to clean a bath. Remove leftover soap residue and wipe around the plug hole and taps after each use, as well as drying the taps and surfaces to prevent any scale build up or calcification staining, vinegar can also be deployed at this time, especially to remove tide marks around the bath tub, especially if using oily bathing products.

Keep on top of mould and mildew

Our bathrooms can be the perfect breeding ground for moulds and mildew, especially on tiled bath surrounds, near windows etc. Good extraction is important and allowing air to circulate, ensuring the bathroom is clean, dry and airated is key to prevent mildew and mould spores. As soon as mold is spotted, is the best time to remove the mould, don’t delay. In worst case scenarios use bleach and scrub with a toothbrush, or similar can be a solution for getting rid of unwanted mouldy guests. You can also make a paste with bicarbonate of soda and water, apply to the required area and leave for 10 minutes, before scrubbing and rinsing.

Clean the bath plug and drains

, We’ve all made that stomach churning discovery of hair build up around the plug hole, so it is wise to remove hair from this location on a regular basis. To clean the drain and pipes, pour around half a cup of bicarbonate of soda down the bath plug hole, followed by the same volume of white vinegar. This mixture will foam in the pipework and help to break down blockages, obviously if those blockages build up it might require you to call a plumber near you to unblock the blockage. Finally pour boiling water down the plug hole to rinse away debris.

Bath Cleaning Tips
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